pilates is for life


~ Joseph Pilates developed this unique set of core stabilising movements & exercises in the 1920’s ~

  Pilates strengthens and tones the entire body and is one of the most effective forms of exercise to change body shape as it targets all the muscles in the body by building strength without excess bulk. It dramatically transforms the way you look, feel and perform focusing on your body as a whole. Pilates lengthens and strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture for everyday movement enabling you to gain long, lean muscle mass to help with healthy long term fat loss. It works on targeting both the larger and smaller muscles groups of the body including the deep abdominal core stabilising muscles, ‘the powerhouse’. Pilates exercises provide a flattened firm stomach more than any other form of exerciss and will tighten, trim and tone your entire body giving you a noticeably longer, leaner body with results you’ll LOVE. Pilates exercises also define your legs while lifting and firming your butt like no other form of exercise I’ve ever found. Strengthening your muscles means your body will become more sculpted and shapely so you will be trimmer and more toned all over in no time, creating a beautiful feminine streamlined figure that wont ever leave you looking masculine or bulky. Barre Pilates: Barre exercises are Ballet inspired leg and arm moves dancers use to stay in shape focusing on isometric exercises by moving in a tiny range of motion to work a muscle to exhaustion. It involves standing work at a ballet barre (or at home with a chair) to work thighs, glutes and hips, including arm work with very small hand weights. It combines the ‘core’ strengthening of Pilates while adding a low impact cardio element, extra leg defining exercises and arm sculpting strength resistance moves. The interval training style of Barre exercises raises and lowers the heart rate to get fast results. Fat burning is increased and metabolism boosted for hours after your workout. The 2 styles merged increases toning and muscle sculpting to strengthen, lengthen and define for an AMAZING Total Body Workout.   Pilates for Everyone: Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system performed either standing or lying and will help you look and feel your very best no matter what your age, fitness level or condition. Its an AMAZING workout for your entire body and also a posture corrective system where tight, tense areas are stretched and weak ones strengthened. A strong core is essential for balance and stability to prevent falls and injuries plus lessen the wear and tear on your spine through learning to activate your deep abdominals. You’ll be stronger all over with increased tendon, bone and ligament strength, vital for everyday movement, developing a strong core to enjoy your athletic lifestyle for years to come. Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation: Popular among top physiotherapists, Pilates is used as an important rehabilitation tool with research concluding how important core stability and strength are to injury prevention and management. Since bulky muscles are the types most prone to injury, the lengthening and strengthening of muscles with Pilates is a vital form of exercise used to recover from injuries, and is a favorite workout with all elite athletes and ballet dancers. Included in their exercise regimes it helps prevent injuries and is also used for total body conditioning to keep them at the top of their field day after day. Overall Pilates Results: Your core strength will improve providing tummy tightening plus your entire abdominal’s and back muscles will be stronger to help prevent injuries and improve your posture. You’ll feeling amazing, standing taller with your proud new posture looking longer and leaner. With every person that compliments you on how fabulous you look and how confidant you are with your body you will be motivated to continue your Pilates training through every stage and age of your life. The results of having a tight, toned and defined body from Pilates is really an added bonus for how good your body will actually feel!   Everyday Day Life Destroying Our Posture: It’s hard to avoid to bad posture, sitting hunched over a computer, holding a phone to our ear using our shoulder and neck, sitting in traffic for great lengths, carrying handbags on one shoulder, children on one hip, its no wonder our muscles ache and bodies are terribly imbalanced. Even when we think we’re taking care of our bodies by exercising we’re often doing more harm than good by extreme exercising without proper stretching of our muscles to prepare our body. Strengthening and lengthening our muscles, corrects our posture to improve our everyday movement to improve our life. Pilates Focus Points
  • Concentration: Focusing on each exercise to get the most out of it
  • Control: controlling your muscles with each movement
  • Centering: strengthening the core ‘powerhouse’ of the body,  including pelvis, buttocks, thighs and lower back
  • Flow: Movements flow smoothly
  • Precision: by doing each movement precisely, you will benefit greatly with fast noticeable results