Why Pilates Could Be Right For You

3451Being involved with Pilates and using it to keep your body strong and in shape is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle.

Throughout all my Tv and film travels I learnt to utilise hotel rooms to exercise and stay in shape. The beauty with Pilates is once you know the basic principle of how to activate your core you can do all the exercises anywhere without any gym equipment. Pilates works on strengthening and toning the entire body. Its one of the most effective forms of exercise to change body shape and tone up because it targets all of the muscles in the body and is an amazing workout on its own or to compliment any other workout routines you’re doing. Not only are you working to correct your posture and help with any injuries but you’r also having an all over body workout at the same time. “A strong core and a strong body means a strong life, with Pilates you get amazing result. From young girls wanting to get fit, to gym junkies aiming to lengthen their muscles, to mums after having babies, to the over 60’s looking to stay active and toned. It works for everyone and is very addictive. Pilates for Everyone, its a safe, sensible exercise system performed either standing or lying and will help you look and feel your very best no matter what your age, fitness level or condition. Its an AMAZING workout for your entire body and also a posture corrective system where tight, tense areas are stretched and weak ones strengthened. A strong core is essential for balance and stability to prevent falls and injuries plus lessen the wear and tear on your spine through learning to activate your deep abdominals. You’ll be stronger all over with increased tendon, bone and ligament strength, vital for everyday movement, developing a strong core to enjoy your athletic lifestyle for years to come. BANNER2