My 2 Favourite Butt Shaping Exercises

Reshaping, Lifting & Firming your butt can be easy when you know what to do.

Did you know our Legs & Butt make up the largest muscles in our body? So when we focus on exercises for these large muscle groups we burn the most calories to help lose the most body fat. Pilates and Barre exercises target the legs and butt, along with the core, to help rebuild and reshape your body with incredibly fast results. These simple, easy to do exercises, are 2 of my favourites to sculpt and firm your bum and are great to increase core stability and strengthen your tummy and hips. Combining them with a 20-30min walk each day, which is also great for using both our legs and glute muscles (butt) is the perfect pair up. Best of all the exercises themselves only take a few minutes to do and can be done anywhere, at home, the gym or even during your park or beachwalk. These exercises are ‘isometric’, which means supporting a weight (in this case, your body weight) without moving your muscles very far—for example, holding at the top of the Bridge position before lowering down. Keeping your muscles in a fixed position increases the time they’re under tension, which makes them stronger, longer and more defined. In other words, you’re not doing yourself any favours by rushing through these exercises… Take your time and make them slow and controlled, flowing in each direction, focusing on your form, posture and breathing to get the best benefits for your body and butt.

1. Pelvic Curl

Basic Bridge, Pelvic Curl
This one exercise can be done anywhere to firm, lift, tighten and tone your butt and has lots of variations to go with it. ‘Basic Bridge’, or Pelvic Curl as it’s known, works your main butt muscle (glute max), your hamstrings and also helps strengthen your pelvic floor and one of those exercises you can feel working as soon as you start doing it.
  • Press your hip bones upwards making sure to draw your belly button in towards your spine to activate and engage your core, as you press up through the soles of your feet raising your hips towards the sky
  • Try and keep a straight line from your chest to your hip bones to your knees
  • Lower back down
  • Repeat 20 times
  • Exhale to press up, inhale to lower back Pulses
TZ Logo Graphic TIP:  Hold at the top of Bridge position with your tummy drawn in and body in a straight line, still pressing strongly through the soles of your feet, press upwards in tiny to pulses/squeezes 15-20 times for a little extra burn.

Need more of a burn then try my favourite exercise…

2. Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg Bridge To advance the basic Bridge or Pelvic Curl exercise further:
  • Lift one foot off the ground at the top of the exercise, hold, then replace to the ground and lower your body back down slowly.
  • Balance yourself by pressing down strongly through the sole of the foot of your supporting leg to really help firm and strengthen your butt
  • Remember you’re aiming for a straight line from your chest to your hip bones to your knees when you raise your body up so press strongly through the soles of your feet to really strengthen and tone your butt
  • Remember to exhale up, and inhale to come back down

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