Amy Pearman – ‘High On Natural Health’ Mornington

  Amy Pearman I’m thrilled to be working with Tania on her amazing ‘6 Week Trim & Tone Program’, and to help her provide tools and tips you’ll be able to use for life, along with ensuring her personal ‘everyday meal plans and realistic recipes’ are nutritionally balanced to help you achieve your longer, leaner, healthier and stronger body goals. I am very excited to be able to share with you my knowledge of nutrition and passion for healthy & clean eating, including the therapeutic power of foods, and the  benefits these food and lifestyle choices have on your energy and wellbeing. I am a registered nutritionist practising out of my natural health clinic on the Mornington Peninsula- ‘High On Natural Health’, providing private consultations in clinical nutrition for people of all ages. I practise holistically, treating each person individually, focussing on the health and functioning of all of their body systems and how these findings are contributing to their present state of health, or disease, and the symptoms they may be experiencing. Combining dietary analyses and the use of naturopathic tools plus  in-clinic and external testing, I provide a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual. Using nutrition, dietary recommendations in conjunction with practitioner grade nutritional supplementation, I help manage health conditions, rebalance the body and address any deficiencies to help my clients be the best version of themselves they can be. I treat, manage and provide support for people with various acute and chronic health conditions and also work alongside healthy people just wanting to optimise their energy, health and reduce their risk of disease. Through my clinic I also work with individuals focusing on weight loss, detoxification and living with/cooking for  food intolerance’s. I am passionate about providing successful treatments and dietary recommendations to provide education surrounding the power of nutrition, including preparation of nutritious meals utilising some of my own favorite recipes included along with Tania’s on this Program. Life’s too short not to be feeling amazing. I look forward to meeting you in the ‘Private Members Forum’ to answer all your nutrition questions  ~ Amy 
Amy Pearman BHSc (Nut Med) ANTA
High on Natural Health
Level 1, 2/26 McLaren Place
Mornington 3931- (03) 59736103
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