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Trim & Tone with Tania Zaetta - Book


Tania Zaetta’s debut book release is here!

‘Trim & Tone with Tania’ – Health, Nutrition & Pilates With her many on-screen achievement and off-screen achievements, Tv Presenter, Actress, Author and Speaker, Tania Zaetta is an Aussie household name and inspiration to women around the world. From television roles like Who Dares Wins and Baywatch to conquering Bollywood; the worlds largest film industry, Tania has built an international name for herself, owing it all to her talent, drive and unwavering work ethic. However at the foundation of all her successes, lie her philosophies on the importance of health, wellbeing and core strength to provide a strong body for a long and active life. Working on the principles of how she lives her everyday life, Trim & Tone with Tania is an easy to follow handbook for every woman to learn how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight without the need for dieting or strenuous boot camp style exercises. Whether you know a little, a lot, or nothing at all about eating right and how to get your body into shape, this complete fitness, nutrition and lifestyle guide is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.   Book Extract - Trim - Basic Body & Fat Bruning FactsTrim & Tone with Tania Zaetta - Book Trim & Tone with Tania Zaetta - Book Trim & Tone with Tania Zaetta - Book  

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Tania A Winner Thanks To Pilates

Featured in   The West Australian by Jillian McHugh 

She once wanted people to face their fears on the popular TV series Who Dares Wins. Now Tania Zaetta has her sights locked on helping women tackle their weight problems.

Tania in Exmouth The former Bollywood star spoke to AAA in Perth about the launch of the Tania Zaetta Online Pilates Weightloss Program of exercise videos – some filmed in WA – and healthy eating plans. “I’m 45 years old, so (I’ve done) 20 years of Pilates and I still get out there in my Who Dares Wins cut-offs and my bikini and I’m very proud to say I have a nice defined groove down my tummy,” Tania said. “It’s about being strong, not skinny.” Tania already counts Dannii Minogue as one of the fans of her program, which she put together after becoming a certified Pilates instructor and training in nutrition and exercise. “I was introduced to Pilates because of a ruptured disc back injury,” she said. “Not only did it fix my injury but, wow, my body was nice and long and lean and better than I could get it in the gym.” Tania said many program users were WA women working in the mining industry who had experienced difficulty maintaining an exercise regime with their fly-in, fly-out lifestyles, as well as women preparing for weddings or recovering their stomach muscles after giving birth. Some might even have recognised the blue waters of Exmouth in her videos. “My dad lives half the year in Exmouth doing the grey nomads trip – he’s fishing mad so I’ve been going up to Exmouth every year for six years,” she said. “I love it, I’m a bit of an Exmouth local. Chris, my partner, is spear-fishing mad so he always comes over. “While we were there this year, with the Ningaloo Reef looking stunning, I said ‘Let’s shoot some of my online Pilates videos’.” Tania said she also planned to release an exercise and healthy eating book to be released around Mother’s Day.

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