Why Pilates Could Be Right For You

Posted by Tania on February 10, 2014
Category : Pilates
Being involved with Pilates and using it to keep your body strong and in shape is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Throughout all my Tv and film travels I learnt to utilise hotel rooms to exercise and stay in shape. The beauty with Pilates is once you know the basic principle of how to activate your core you can do all the exercises anywhere without any gym equipment. Read More
Chocolate-Avocado-Mousse crpd

No Chocolate – Chocolate Mousse

Posted by Tania on February 02, 2014
Category : Inner Circle, Recipes
Did you know with just 3 Ingredients and in a matter of minutes you can make the most amazing Chocolate Mousse that actually contains ‘no chocolate’ at all? My basic chocolate mousse is my all time favorite guilt free ‘chocolate substitute’. Its made from Avocado, is loaded with antioxidants and you would never know it wasn’t chocolate. Trust me on this one…Read More
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