Pilates vs Bootcamps and HIIT

Posted by Tania on July 07, 2014
Category : Pilates
Is Pilates More Beneficial For Women Than Bootcamps Or High Intensity Workouts? Let’s find out… Anybody can benefit from taking Pilates classes, regardless of gender, age or fitness level. However, it is particularly beneficial for women as it targets their bodies in ways that even bootcamps or high intensity workouts are unable to do…Read More

7 Ways to Cleanse For Faster Weightloss

Posted by Tania on May 31, 2014
Category : Nutrition
It’s no surprise we find it hard to lose weight and achieve our desired bodies when we live in a fast paced world, full of fast food options. The processed foods which we consume in abundance are full of artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners and other nasty ingredients that constantly work against our goals. Utilising my career on Tv and working with some of the best experts in the business combined with my background in Natural Beauty Therapy and as a Pilates Instructor, I love providing others with the tools, knowledge and guidance so they too can achieve their desired health, body and fitness goals as I do. As part of my programs I teach everyone that joins me how to retrain their bodies to use healthy, fresh, lean foods as fuel.Read More
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Knowledge is power, and I don’t want my Program to only be about ‘telling’ you what to do, my aim is to ‘teach’ you what to do also. Then you can make healthy eating and exercise choices on your own for the rest of your life. Teaching you the Basic Body and Fat Burning facts will help you understand your body, appreciate the ‘hows and whys’, and enable you to stick to the Program to achieve your desired results… Read More
Weightloss with Superfoods website
Supercharge your weightloss with Superfoods. They have incredible health benefits and are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other beneficial substances. They can help you fight disease, feel more energetic and aid weightloss without ever missing out on important nutrients.Read More

Become a Ballerina With Barre Pilates

Posted by Tania on March 06, 2014
Category : Mindset
I’ve always loved the ballet. The performers seem so graceful, elegant and fluid. Their long, lean bodies glide across the floor swaying perfectly in time with the orchestra, telling a compelling story. Yet all I can do is study the movements performed and admire those beautifully toned bodies of the dancers with their seemingly effortless strength and control. Read More
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Top 10 New Years Resolutions – Are They Yours Also?

Posted by Tania on February 22, 2014
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Category : Mindset
Well & truly into 2014 now… How many of the ‘Top 10 Resolutions’ have you stuck to? I’m happy to say I have so far, yes I know it’s only a month into 2014 but at least I’m making a very conscious effort! Here’s some of mine… Read More
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