I’ve got a quick question for you… Have you ever paid proper attention to how your local supermarket or grocery store is laid out? I know I didn’t for years. I would buy healthy food based on the marketing on the front of the package and end up with cupboards full of sugar. Sure it was packaged as cereals, energy bars and health drinks. But when I got around to looking at the actual labelsRead More

‘Trim & Tone With Tania’ – BOOK

Posted by Tania on June 13, 2015
Category : News
Tania Zaetta’s debut book release is here! With her many on-screen achievement and off-screen achievements, Tv Presenter, Actress, Author and Speaker, Tania Zaetta is an Aussie household name and inspiration to women around the world…Read More

Tania A Winner Thanks To Pilates

Posted by Tania on May 26, 2015
Category : News
She once wanted people to face their fears on the popular TV series Who Dares Wins. Now Tania Zaetta has her sights locked on helping women tackle their weight problems. The former Bollywood star spoke to AAA in Perth about the launch of the Tania Zaetta Online Pilates Weightloss Program of exercise videos – some filmed in WA – and healthy eating plans.Read More

Christmas Day Eating Tips

Posted by Tania on December 23, 2014
Category : Nutrition
I know at this time of year it’s a little harder to stick to clean, healthy balanced foods and a lot of packaged food tends to creep into our diets – and that’s ok. Christmas, or any other time of the year, should never be about depriving ourselves of all the things we love but more about learning how to enjoy these indulgences so they benefit our health and body better for the long term. If we eat well ‘most’ of the time and fuel our bodies with as many fresh nutritious and delicious meals as possible then a few treats here and there don’t hurt at all. Read More

Sample Workouts Video

Posted by Tania on November 05, 2014
Category : Video
Just a quick post to show you all some sample workouts from inside the 6 Week Trim & Tone… This video contains a selection of snippets from some of the most popular videos we have inside the members area. Take a look and let me know what you think.. Looking forward to your feedback.Read More
Reshaping, Lifting & Firming your butt can be easy when you know what to do. Did you know our Legs & Butt make up the largest muscles in our body? So when we focus on exercises for these large muscle groups we burn the most calories to help lose the most body fat. Pilates and Barre exercises target the legs and butt, along with the core, to help rebuild and reshape your body with incredibly fast results.Read More
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