Become a Ballerina With Barre Pilates

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“I’ve always loved the ballet.
The performers seem so graceful, elegant and fluid.”
Their long, lean bodies glide across the floor swaying perfectly in time with the orchestra, telling a compelling story. Yet all I can do is study the movements performed and admire those beautifully toned bodies of the dancers with their seemingly effortless strength and control.

It’s inspirational and makes me want to train harder to be as trim and toned as they.

If you’ve ever felt the same then Barre Pilates is something definitely worth giving a go. These Ballet inspired workouts focus on isometric exercises working with a small range of movement until your muscles are exhausted to rebuild stronger, leaner muscles. The use of Pilates and  Barre Pilates exercises are what really differentiates my ‘6 Wk Trim & Tone’ Online Program from others. The exercises fun, low impact, low cardio and results based. Anyone can do them and you don’t need any dance background at all. All we do is use a few of the effective ballet inspired dance moves, not the full dance choreography, to help get lengthen and strengthen our muscles to help give us the same toned physique as the dancers and ballerina who’s figures we envy. You’ll feel longer, leaner and taller from doing my first online video workout and will feel it working your muscles. The results are just amazing and you wont believe how much it will help with your posture and any niggling aches and pains. The core work strengthening is especially good to help anyone suffering with back pain. Pilates is for life, not just a workout and can be done by anyone, any age, any fitness level. Why not give it a go so you too can reap the long list of benefits.

If you’d like to know more about what Pilates could do for you then check out my ‘Why Pilates’ Article.

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